Alex Ragone


<2019-05-24 Fri>

For the past couple of months I have been working on tools which allow you to run linters on the added/modified lines of a Git diff. One of these tools are magit-diff-flycheck.

This is primarily meant to be used on legacy projects where you do not want to see errors for the whole file but only for the added/modified lines.

The package is published on MELPA package manager and on GitHub under license GNU GPL-3.0.


Run M-x magit-diff-flycheck in a magit-diff buffer to display a filtered list of Flycheck errors for the added/modified lines only.

;; Run Flycheck on added/modified lines by default
M-x magit-diff-flycheck

Use can also run the command with a prefix which will prompt you for the scope of the errors.

;; Choose scope of error filtering to symbol files or lines
C-u M-x magit-diff-flycheck
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